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July 01, 2016, 08:30:40 AM by GeePuS | Views: 96 | Comments: 1

Current gameplay is a little different.  I was not immeadiately comfortable like I was going from BF2 to BF3 to BF4.  The feeling was similar to when I picked up Red October / Ostfront or the original Battlefield.  Of course, this could be due to the fact that it is alpha and the available map is practically flat.

Vehicle experience was a bit new.  Also, you can repair your own aircraft but you cannot control it while repairing... fail.  I figured out how to land but was stuck where I landed due to poor terrain selection.  I am not sure they intend for you to stop and repair.

Hope to see some of you there.
June 20, 2016, 10:07:21 PM by DeusMachina
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May 22, 2016, 08:20:04 PM by Athrun
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Hey guys I was gonna be playing a lot of Overwatch and I figured I would invite anyone who wants to play with me. It might be my main game and I wanted to get a group of guys together and play often.

Send me a friend request on and we can play if anyone is interested.

lets pwn
May 04, 2016, 01:52:17 PM by tranquilgnome | Views: 388 | Comments: 4

Alias: TranquilGnome
Age:18 now :D
Games of interest: CSGO, Battlefront, Battlefield, Path of Exile, Diablo 3, any of the other counter strikes, Dark Souls 1 and 3, Team Fortress, DoD
Do you have microphone?: yes
- If not, how soon?:
Who referred you (if anyone)?: A long time ago, in a land far away, I was but a wee lad, (I still am.) My dad, AmazingLLamaOfDoom, referred me.
Prior gaming community experience (if any)?: det0x, aLn, various realism units in DoD:S, various Diablo 3 clans, Umbra Exiles for PoE
Why are you interested in the Amazing Llama Nation?: I remember you all, even if you don't remember me, from the times me and my dad had with you all on left 4 dead. I know I stopped coming on mumble, but it was hard for me, living in EST, to get on when you all were on in PST. But, now, I'm a senior in high school, about to wind things down, and I want to relive those memories I had with you guys with my dad, even though he isn't here. Dunno how many of you all still play, but it'd just be an honor to be a rightful llama, I suppose, now that I am able to comprehend how much this clan meant to my dad, and to me. I've been trying to get around to doing this, but I haven't had the right feeling about it, I suppose, as I didn't want this to simply be about just my dad and trying to reignite old memories. I want to make some with you all, more than I already have.

April 10, 2016, 01:48:49 PM by akvvirus
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On behalf of my fiancee and I would like to thank the llamas for our engagement gift given to us from Surfer. He told me how much more exciting its made things for him and his wife that he wanted to make sure I would experience the same joy he does.

Thanks again llama nation.

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